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Gift Vouchers

Supercar gift vouchers are now available online. Simply purchase in our online shop and you will receive an email voucher instantly. Vouchers are available for specific cars or for a monitory value.

Audi R8

This beautiful R8 the the newest addition to our fleet. Its stunning black finish is complimented by matching black wheels. Carbon-fibre panels provide the perfect finish to the vehicle. Its stunning looks are matched by its stunning performance. Superb handling and oodles of power make it a delight to drive. We recommend advance bookings as the car is currently the most popular of our Scottish… Read More »Audi R8

Aston Martin DB9

We are delighted to confirm the arrival of our DB9. This 2+2 will undoubtedly be one of our most popular vehicles. The additional seats make it ‘slightly’ more practical! The 5.9 litre V12 is silky smooth and a dream to drive. The engine is coupled to the automatic transmission for ease of driving. Paddle gear shift is also featured.

Aston Martin Vantage

Introduction The Aston Martin DB9 continues to be our most popular vehicle. Why? Is it due to its beautifully designed body? Or the superb performance? Or the idea of being ‘James Bond’ for the day? The answer? It is no doubt a mixture of the above. The luxurious cabin is a delight to be in, especially in the right-hand seat! Take control and enjoy a… Read More »Aston Martin Vantage

BMW i8

The i8 is a hybrid supercar bringing together some of the most advanced features when in was introduced in 2014. Lightweight aluminum combines with a composite shell made from carbon fibre to produce a lightweight and rigid chassis. The technology makes the car simple to drive in a wide range of conditions. It is possible to select electric only. However, the onboard computer can ensure… Read More »BMW i8

Ferrari 360 Spyder

Introduction We are delighed to have the Ferrari 360 available for hire. This vehicle is located in Edinburgh and available for 3 day hire or more Story Listicle offal viral, flannel franzen roof party shoreditch meditation subway tile bicycle rights tbh fingerstache copper mug organic umami. Glossier meditation ugh brooklyn quinoa, 8-bit banh mi everyday carry 90’s. Glossier gastropub prism vinyl viral kale chips cloud… Read More »Ferrari 360 Spyder